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    Buying Soundcloud Reposts: Pros and Cons


    In a social networking environment, when someone shares a link it usually remains in a prominent place on their profile. As others join the network and link to each other, your link can easily spread to thousands of people in a matter of days.

    But if no one shares your link, it won’t go anywhere. This is just one reason why people are buying soundcloud reposts. That said, if you are thinking about paying people to share your link, it may be of some help to know the advantages and disadvantages first.

    Advantage: Your Music Stays on Follower Profiles

    Once you make something public, the clock starts winding down in terms of interest in the “new information”. A link that is even 1 hour old can become outdated and useless in terms of viral potential, simply because there are millions of other links coming in practically every minute.

    That said, when you buy soundcloud followers, the information will stay at the top of their profile for a much longer period of time. From there, you will get a second, but steadier bump in traffic than what you would get, for example, from the first sharing of your link.

    As an added bonus, if non-paid people share your link, then your traffic will receive a further boost.

    Disadvantage: Followers Can Do This Without You Having to Pay

    As you look at different online music network promotional options, you’re expected to find the ones that are dedicated to paid followers. If these people like, and then share your music, you are essentially getting non-paid followers at the same time.

    That said, if they decide not to share your link at all, or share dozens of other links along with yours, it will not have the same impact as paying for soundcloud reposts. Needless to say, you can always try buying followers, and then reposters if the former do not garner enough attention for your work.

    Advantage: Reach Thousands of People Automatically

    In the arena of viral link sharing, the more people sharing on the network means the faster you will get real viewers to your page. In this instance, when you buy soundcloud reposts, 500 paid reposters could easily generate several thousand real page visitors in a matter of hours.

    In addition, if one of the reporters is a head hunter for a major recording label, you may also get a contract out of it. Even if these people decide to sit back and watch viewer comments on your music before approaching you, at least you will have their attention.

    Disadvantage: Only Applies to Certain Networks

    Consider a situation where you’ve signed up for a popular social network dedicated to music. Even though you may buy reposts on the network, it does not guarantee your music will be linked and shared on other platforms.

    For example, if you want your music links to be shared on more generalized networks, you may need to pay extra for the service. On the other side of the equation, if non-paid visitors decide to share on other networks, you will have achieved your goal through them. As long as you know which networks your links are being shared on, you can hope that larger pools of people will also increase shares on other networks.

    Advantage: Cheaper Than Other Forms of Network Marketing

    When it comes to advertising, it’s a given that larger social networks will charge a good bit of money to make your links more visible than others. Interestingly enough, buying soundcloud reposts is much cheaper than conventional advertising.

    You will also find that working with people sharing your links gives a more natural and plausible feel to the endorsement marketing structure.

    Each day, you work hard to bring music to the world that will make people think, feel, act, or simply enjoy what you have created. If you do not take steps to market your music, or advertise it on social networks, the ultimate purpose of your music – communicating with others – will never really be fulfilled.

    Today, buying soundcloud reposts will help you reach larger audiences and turn your passion for music into fame and a paying career. It all starts here, with soundcloud reposts