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What does the word favorite mean to you? For most people, this will be something that they like more than anything else in the world. This is what SoundCloud offers as their rating system. People that listen to any upload have the chance to favorite that upload so that they always have an easy way to access it. This might not seem like a great benefit to a person that will buy SoundCloud favorites, but it is truly invaluable. Favorites can be utilized as two different ways to boost sharing and visibility.

Favorites as Viral Exposure

A user that favorites an upload has just provided a huge outlet of exposure for the content uploaded. Now, this favorite item will also be displayed to their followers. This allows people to start to see viral activity quickly. A friend favorites an upload and their friend now listens to the upload as well and favorites it. Soon enough, there will be dozens of new favorites that spawned from one single user. It has happened to many people and those that have utilized our simple method to buy SoundCloud favorites have always seen good results. The same pattern always exists. Once a favorite is had, more simply follow.

Favorites Act as a Vote

The old rating systems of 5 stars has now evolved into a favorite or “like.” When an upload has seen a slew of favorites, others will know that listeners think that their uploads are worthy of being heard. The majority always wins and the more favorites an upload has, the better. It is simple statistics that will show that the more favorites that exist, the easier it will be to gain followers, plays and even land on the “up and coming” page. Buy SoundCloud favorites and start to finally get the recognition that you deserve.


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